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Who can help me?

Who can help me?

At SCIDES, we're committed to giving you all the help and support you need to succeed. You can graduate! You can have the education you want! You can work at your own pace! Maybe you could even do it alone - but there is really no need. There is a great network in place - and it starts with YOU! If you are willing to learn, your education experience can be truly successful and interesting. Today, we want to talk a bit about who can help you with what - of course you can contact us anytime for more information! 


Your parents/guardians can help you...

  • get organized
  • find new motivation when you are frustrated or tired
  • remember your responsibilities
  • by supporting you

Your Tutors/Markers can help you...

  • understand the course material and the course requirements
  • prepare for tests

Your Teachers can help you...

  • work through your courses in a timely manner
  • whenever needed
  • by writing your report cards and monitoring your work
  • by supporting you in whatever way they can to make you a successful student

Your Program Advisors can help you...

  • by making sure you have a program suitable to your needs
  • administering all the stuff for the Ministry of Education
  • by guiding you to course selections

Technical Support can help you...

  • by working with you and keeping your SCIDES software/hardware running smoothly

There is a whole network of support waiting for you - take your education to the next level and succeed with SCIDES!



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