As a student in grades 10 - 12 you have part-time cross enrollment options, or you can attend SCIDES full time, both leading to graduation with the BC Dogwood Certificate.

Cross enrollment

Would you like to stay in your high school, but can’t fit in all your interests? Add flexibility to your school calendar by enrolling with SCIDES for select courses, that otherwise would not fit into your schedule. Attend high school and personalize your education through e-learning with us! SCIDES teachers work with high school counsellors across BC to offer students a wide variety of distributed learning courses. With cross enrollment, you can have the best of both worlds!

Full time

Another option for secondary students is full-time enrollment with SCIDES. Complete all requirements for graduation via distributed learning and find your passion along the way. You will have the full support of BC certified teachers and a huge variety of e-learning courses, enhanced by video-conferencing and individual learning plans. Distributed learning will adjust to your lifestyle, giving you the tools to successfully obtain a BC Dogwood Certificate.

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