The Elementary Program at SCIDES follows the BC Ministry of Education curriculum. Of course, it also includes a variety of resources for all levels of support. Grades K-7 Programs are free of charge to BC residents, because SCIDES is an accredited BC public school.
Families who would like to enrol their child(ren) in SCIDES K - 7 are encouraged to do so no later than September 15 of the current school year.  This is to help ensure there is space for your child(ren) and that students are able to demonstrate sufficient engagement with school before the end of the month.  K - 7 students are expected to begin in September and finish their entire program by mid-June.  Of course, we recognize that sometimes these plans have to be adjusted and we are happy to work with families to support the best educational opportunity possible.  Good communication and a planned schedule are keys to success and we are here to help you.  Give us a call!

SCIDES Elementary Program Options

Today's families lead a busy lifestyle, and a flexible quality education is just one of many reasons parents choose an education with SCIDES for their elementary-age children. Other reasons are the individual and educational needs of students, as well as their learning styles. Remote location or other circumstances may also make it difficult for students to attend the nearest school. No two families are alike, but SCIDES truly has a great solution for every family's educational needs - our passionate advisers and teachers will make sure the needs of all students are met, with a variety of program options. Let's plan a program that will ensure you child's learning success, together!  

Your teacher will work with you to review and understand the learning standards in each curricular subject area for the school year. Then together, you will choose one of the two program options best suited for you.

OPTION 1: Home instructors will use the only SCIDES materials and teacher created supplements. The teacher will direct home instructor to submit work in a portfolio each term to show development.

OPTION 2: Home instructors will use a blend of our resources and their own supplies to supplement. The teacher will direct home instructor to submit work in a portfolio each term to show development.

Join the SCIDES family and experience quality education with a feeling of belonging

  • all our teachers are BC-certified and offer support and guidance whenever needed;
  • we make it easy to get in touch with us - and we encourage frequent check-ins! You can email, phone, chat, skype and even come in to see us at SCIDES;
  • we don't forget about the fun! There are frequent opportunities for students - and their families - to participate in outings and activities like school picnics, talent shows, bike rodeos, and more (for families who are close to the Merritt or Kamloops area)

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The role of the parent in the SCIDES environment includes:

  • developing a Student Learning Plan for the school year in collaboration with the SCIDES teacher and signing it;
  • demonstrate engagement in that learning plan within the first three weeks of registration
  • as the Home Facilitator, supporting the learning process by:
  • participating in Parent/Teacher/Student conferences, as requested.
  • communicating (at least bi-weekly) with your SCIDES teacher;
  • supporting the work of the student by being an active participant;
  • setting daily goals and assisting in teaching the student time-management skills;
  • ensuring evidence of work is submitted regularly for assessment by your SCIDES teacher.


The role of the student in the SCIDES environment includes:

  • working closely with the Home Facilitator;
  • completing assignments to the best of their ability;
  • asking for help when needed;
  • asking for alternative assignments when desired;
  • treating SCIDES books and equipment with respect.


The role of the teacher in the SCIDES environment includes:

  • working with parent(s) to develop a Student Learning Plan that supports the BC Ministry of Education authorized curriculum;
  • collaborating with the parent/guardian to create the individualized Student Learning Plan;
  • providing and/or pre-approving learning resources to meet the Student Learning Plan;
  • deliverer the curriculum of the assigned program;
  • the teacher will create and engage students in asynchronous and synchronous environments;
  • the teacher will engage students in an active learning environment, which respects individual student needs including students with Special Education designations;
  • assessing student work and providing reports on student progress;
  • providing quality feedback in a timely manner and maintaining regular communication with students/parents/guardians;
  • the teacher will ensure ongoing proactive communication with parents, councilors/SOR contacts and students, which may include home visits, video conferencing, email, telephone and onsite visits
  • providing support and guidance to the Home Facilitator.


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