The Middle Years program at SCIDES is for students in grades 8 and 9

At SCIDES you have the option of enrolling with us full-time, or you can attend part time while you complete the majority of your courses at another school. 

Option A: Full time

Would you like the flexibility of learning from home? Complete all ministry requirements needed for the high school grades via online learning with SCIDES and find your passion along the way. You will have the full support of BC certified teachers and a huge variety of e-learning courses, enhanced by individual learning plans and pacing options. Distributed learning will adjust to your lifestyle, giving you the tools to successfully obtain a BC Dogwood Certificate. 

Option B: Cross-enrollment

Would you like to stay in your high school, but can’t fit in all your interests? Would you like to accelerate your pace of learning? Add flexibility to your school calendar by enrolling with SCIDES for select courses that may not fit into your schedule or allow you to move more quickly through your educational objectives. SCIDES teachers work with high school counsellors across BC to offer students a wide variety of online learning courses. With cross enrollment, you can have the best of both worlds!

Grade 8 & 9 Program Overview

Our program encourages students to become creative, critical, and reflective thinkers. Grade 8 and 9 courses place an emphasis on students making connections between their studies in traditional subjects and to the real world. They foster the development of the Core Competencies:  Communicating, Collaborating, Creative Thinking, Critical & Reflective Thinking, Personal Awareness & Responsibility, Positive Personal and Cultural Identity, and Social Awareness and Responsibility - all qualities of the Educated Citizen.

The BC curriculum for these grades, covers: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical and Health Education, Applied Skills, Design, and Technology Electives, Fine Arts Electives, Languages, and Career Education.

Students will participate in online courses where they independently complete the learning outcomes in the core subject areas. Flexibility is available for students to pursue areas of interest and passion in the elective subjects. Students and parent facilitators will collaborate with teachers to meet learning outcomes in creative ways. Throughout their course(s) students will have the opportunity to interact with their teacher(s) using on-line tools, e-mail, and telephone, as well as schedule face-to-face teacher instruction.

Successful online students are self-motivated, comfortable with technology, and thrive in a self-paced environment. If this describes you then enroll with us! See below for the Responsibilities Agreement applicable to all SCIDES students.

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Grade 8 & 9 Responsibilities Agreement

Guardian/Home Facilitator 

  • Collaboratively develop the Student Learning Plan in cooperation with SCIDES teachers
  • Support student learning by participating in parent/teacher/student conferences
  • Communicate regularly with your SCIDES teacher(s)
  • Monitor student progress in relation to course goals, timelines, and course expectations
  • Ensure evidence of work is submitted regularly for assessment by the SCIDES teacher(s) 


  • Work closely with the Home Facilitator and SCIDES staff
  • Collaboratively create your Student Learning Plan in cooperation with SCIDES teacher(s)
  • Actively participate in coursework
  • Complete assignments to the best of your ability and ask for help when needed
  • Treat SCIDES course materials with respect
    • Review course materials regularly and submit assignments at least biweekly;
    • Communicate regularly with your teacher(s);
    • Execute goals, pacing schedules, and course expectations. 

SCIDES Teacher

  • Collaboratively develop the Student Learning Plan in accordance with BC Ministry of Education program requirements
  • Communicate appropriate goals, pacing schedules, and course expectations
  • Provide and/or pre-approve learning resources to meet the Student Learning Plan
  • Deliver the curriculum through online platforms and personal interactions
  • Engage students in ways which respect individual student needs including those with Special Education designations
  • Assess student work and provide feedback and progress reports in a timely manner
  • Provide support and guidance to the Home Facilitator
  • Ensure ongoing communication with parents, councilors, school contacts and students
    • May include home visits, video conferencing, email, telephone, and onsite visits

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