There are a variety of online resources available to help you with your assignments and course work.
Please make sure that you always use those sources appropriately, according to our academic standards.  

Students can order their own transcripts from the Ministry of Education by going to Student Transcript Services on the Ministry of Education website and following the instructions there.

Use this link:

ERAC Library Links

  • Learn Now BC – This site offers a multitude of resources, for all grade levels – from K-12 and even beyond. There are study tips, even more links to other useful websites and many tools like interactive courses, assessments and tutoring. Learn Now BC offers resources for both students and parents alike and may well become one of your favourite tools!
  • Resource Rack – Also a project-based tool, this site will give you support by providing different tools for organizing yourself when working on a project. It includes tools to find others for collaboration, process information, present your project as well as study tips. Definitely worth checking out!
  • My Math Sites – Grades K – 9 will find everything math-related they need on this site. From daily practice sheets to detailed tutorials, it’s a great resource we highly recommend.