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Brick & Mortar Schools vs. DL

Brick & Mortar Schools vs. DL

Of course the team at SCIDES does not have anything against traditional brick & mortar schools, but we are convinced that e-learning offers quite a few unique opportunities to succeed and excel in education.

So we thought it's time to compare the two - check out our brick & mortar vs. DL list!

Traditional Brick & Mortar School

  • no choice which classes are taken each semester - since all students have to fit into the schedule, it is very rigid
  • time limit on course - once the semester is over, you need to be done
  • little choice on assignment format, or due dates - teachers need to streamline because of class sizes
  • set time schedule, each class is 1- 1.5 hour each day with the same group of kids
  • class stops to deal with discipline or assemblies or school events
  • only a small amount of time is available to understand a concept and then the class has to move on to cover the curriculum
  • set office hours
  • long midterms and final exams worth a significant portion of grade
  • busy/crowded hallways, peer pressures and peer group social pressures

Phew, that sounds exhausting, right? Now let's have a look at how we do education at SCIDES:

Distributed Learning with SCIDES

  • self paced - it's true to our motto: Your Choice, Your Pace ~ Any Time, Any Place
  • no time limits on courses
  • work on course when it is the right time for you - some of us learn better in the morning, some of us find it easier at night, so why not learn at the optimal time?
  • work from anywhere in the world! Even though SCIDES only enrolls students with their primary residence in BC, where you end up doing the work is up to you.
  • choose which courses you want and when you want to enroll in them
  • teacher and tutor contact Mon- Fri from 8:30 - 4 pm (email, Skype, phone, F2F) - OK, we do take a break sometimes... but you can still work on your courses at any time!
  • opportunities to adapt assignments, or to re-write tests and quizzes
  • no midterm or final exams
  • take as long as you need to learn each concept. There are lots of resources out there and we want you to take full advantage!
  • you don't have to deal with classroom discipline/ disruptions
  • no busy hallways (but of course nobody says that you can't sit and study in a busy coffee shop, if that works for you ;) )
  • most students at SCIDES have similar motivations and values - you'll feel right at home!

Sounds great, doesn't it? We think so! Taking advantage of personalized learning, tailored to fit your needs - it's the future of education and the team at SCIDES is excited to be part of it

So - if you want to take advantage of everything e-learning has to offer, contact us to find out more or connect with us on Facebook

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