Once you're set your schedule and you're ready to tackle your course work, you should create the ideal work space for yourself - just another piece of the puzzle for your learning success!


If you learn from home, your can really personalize your work space - sure, you'll have a desk and locker at a brick and mortar school as well, but if you have your classroom at home, you can definitely give it more of a personal touch. And that's important! If you feel good about the space you work in, and like sitting there to get your work done, you'll be much more likely to stick to your schedule.

So what should the ideal work space look like? In the end, you have to feel comfortable there, but here are some tips to get you started:

Your work space should be organized. If everything is in its place, it will be easier for you to stay on track and keep a good overview of tasks. You could sort by "to do" and "done", and maybe even break down the to-dos into priorities. Another option would be to sort by course.

A tidy work space goes hand in hand with an organized one. If you keep the mess at a minimum, you'll feel more inclined to sit at your desk!

Of course not every desk can be right beneath or by a window, but lots of light is important for a work space as well. If you don't have a window in the room you're working in - or can't have your desk by the window - make sure you have a good desk lamp. LED lamps work well, or if you are using fluorescent, you should get a daylight light bulb. It makes a big difference!

You should also keep the distractions to a minimum. Maybe you like to listen to music while you're working? Not a problem - but having the TV running is probably not a very good idea... If you work in your room, close the door - and maybe even put a "do not disturb" up.

Finally, it's important that you're comfortable while you're studying. Use a comfortable chair with the right height. Some people actually prefer kneeling chairs, some sit on exercise balls, and some even prefer to stand while they are working. Having the right posture and back support can make a big difference - and you won't get tired as fast!

Those are our tips for creating your perfect work space - do you have anything to add? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below or connect with us on Facebook. Of course you can always contact us for more information or to sign up!