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Welcome! We are thrilled that you found your way to our website. Let us introduce our school to you:

At South Central Interior Distance Education SchoolSCIDES – we offer Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) courses, as well as courses for adult learners. We’re a fully funded, public, and accredited BC school located in School District 58. Our programs and courses are free for BC residents; tuition fees only apply for international students and may apply for some courses for adults who have already graduated.

SCIDES is a distributed learning (DL) school, meaning most of our students are primarily at a distance from our teachers, whether they are studying online at home, within another educational facility, or anywhere else with an internet connection. Distributed learning students completing their studies with SCIDES will receive their British Columbia Dogwood graduation diplomas (we celebrate over 50 graduates, of all ages, each year!).

Among all the educational opportunities schools in BC have to offer, distributed learning is one we feel very excited and passionate about. We believe it is an excellent way to get a quality education that’s personalized and fits into your life. At SCIDES, we offer elementary and secondary students the opportunity to personalize their learning and have full control of their own educational paths. Adult learners have the chance to upgrade, graduate or take additional courses without ever stepping inside a BC face-to-face high school.

A comprehensive list of over 130 online courses (browse them all here!) allows you to choose and design a program that is both flexible in delivery and supportive of your unique learning style. We provide the materials, resources, planning, reports and personal support required – you choose the program that best fits your life, whether it is full-time or cross enrolment with a face-to-face school. Our staff at SCIDES is always available for our students, and also works hard to build relationships with educators at cross-enrolled schools to ensure the best experience for you.

Our students come from a wide range of experiences, and our mission is to create a personalized learning environment for anyone, anywhere, in any situation! We support elite athletes, gifted learners, adult learners looking to upgrade, families abroad for both work and travel, and students with learning disabilities, injuries or with an illness that prevents them from attending regular classes – and most importantly: students and their families, who want to take charge of their own educational path.

SCIDES is located in the beautiful Nicola-Similkameen Valley, but we serve more than 1,700 learners throughout BC in our K-9, high school, and adult learning programs. That includes over 100 full time K – 9 students, well over 100 full time 10 – 12 school-aged and adult students, and over 1500 cross-enrolled secondary students (in over 2200 courses) – and we’d love for you to join the learning experience at SCIDES. Register online, or contact us for more information.

We look forward to connecting with you!


Message from the Principal

Welcome to our webpage, our online home! Thank you for considering South Central Interior Distance Education School (SCIDES) for your personalized education experience. Did you know that British Columbia's education system ranks 3rd in the world, following closely behind Finland and Japan? It is an exciting time to be a part of education in BC! There are many quality options to choose from, and distributed learning (primarily learning from a distance) is one we feel very passionate about at SCIDES.

With over 2 decades of experience, we proudly continue to serve students across British Columbia, offering quality education solutions for school-aged students and adult learners alike. Our school was founded in 1990, one of the first Distance Education Schools in BC. Today, there are over 70 Distributed Learning (DL) Schools, with more than 78,499 individuals enrolled in 216,839 courses. SCIDES serves just over 1,700 of those students in more than 2,200 courses.

The school year brings exciting changes to the BC Education Plan, with the goal of “increasingly personalized learning, which is enabled and supported by quality teaching and learning, flexibility and choice, and high standards”. A brand new curriculum and changes to Provincial exams are huge steps towards the future of education – and SCIDES is ready for it!

We offer blended English and Social Studies for Grades 8 and 9, called Humanities (8/9), and portfolio-based electives will also be part of the lineup soon. Our teachers will work with you on incorporating your passions (like dance, drama, theatre, entrepreneurship, media arts, metal work, and power technology – to name a few) into personalized elective courses, to both fulfill curricular requirements and ignite the spark for deeper learning and understanding. Other new courses include French 8/9, Vet 11, Programming 11, Cosmetology 12, and Hospitality and Tourism 12, providing relevant and hands-on experience for a possible future career.

SCIDES' vision is “Success for ALL Learners ~ Today and Tomorrow.” With a focus on student wellness and on building relationships, we will work with students, their families, tutors, and their caring educational team at their bricks and mortar school (if SCIDES is not the school of record). The traditional African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” is core to our values and our “village” has never been more necessary than it is today. We live in a fast-paced, instant information, and pressure-packed world and are faced with a myriad of both challenges and opportunities. At SCIDES we believe partnerships and supports are necessary to prepare ALL our students for success, today and tomorrow.

Here are some additional facts about SCIDES:

  • We offer over 130 courses in grades 8 -12
  • All of our courses are authorized by the BC Ministry of Education and taught by BC certified teachers
  • We are open 12 months of the year and offer continuous enrollment
  • You can call your subject specialist teacher any day, Monday through Friday
  • Teachers are marker-supported, so work is marked when the teacher is on holidays – we aim for a 48 hour marking turn around
  • Our elementary program has three general program options that are tailored to your family's needs and wishes
  • We have a very active PAC

Thank you once again for visiting our online home. I am super excited about our school, our staff and about the education possibilities in BC. I hope you will find the answers to all your questions surrounding your education, and whether distance education is right for you, on our website. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and chat about whether joining our community for the school year is the best choice for you. I look forward to meeting you - virtually, or in person.


Mrs. Karen Goetz


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